"Classic Cinderella"

The Cinderella we all grew up with and loved.


Named for her inner and outer beauty, Beauty would love to read you her classic story.

"The Scottish Princess"

Courageous and spirited, perfect for an adventurous party.

"The Snow Queen"

Just in time for the changing weather, the Snow Queen is here!

"Snow White"

Likes:  woodland animals, hospitality services and apples.

Meet Our Princesses!

"Fairy and Pirate"

Adventure awaits your party!

"The First Princess"

The First Princess arrives with her magical necklace.


Let your hair down!

"The Frog Princess"

How would you like the lovely Frog Princess to come to your party?

"Sleeping Beauty"

Wide awake and ready to sing and dance!

"Princess Ana"

Cute and quirky, this loving sister always puts family first.

"The Little Mermaid"

Coming soon to a beach near you....